We ship our products worldwide. For international delivery we mainly use national Russian post service ( This means that the customer is most likely to recieve the purchase in the nearest department of the state postal office. As soon as we send your order off ,we will make sure to send you an email with a tracking number so that you will be able to track the location of the delivery. Shipping time may vary depending on the country we are shipping to (i.e. from 10 to 30 days). If you are ready to pay for express delivery, please, contact us by an email to clarify delivery terms before purchase. The customer is responsible for picking up/receiving the package



It is possible for the buyer to return the purchase only if the product wasn’t used or damaged.

The customer can either return the whole purchase or only a part of it no later than 60 days from the departure date (the departure date is considered to be the date when the customer receives a notification with the date when product was shipped off and the tracking number). If you decide to return your package, you should inform us about the return and the reason for the return. Then carefully pack the goods in a safe shipping package and send it back to us (Moscow, Russia). The entirety of packaging and shipment is the customers responsibility (customer has to pay for the return shipment). The customer is obliged to inform us of the international number of the departure by e -mail


After receiving the product, we will make sure that the product remains in good condition and in that case transfer the payment (price/value of the product ) within 30 days (without the cost of return shipment). Transaction period depends on the payment system or the bank used by the customer.

In case we receive goods of inadequate quality or with signs of use, we reserve the right not to return the money. To minimize the risk of return, please, read the product information carefully before buying and make sure that the selected product fits your pet's size and suits your pet’s personality and habits. If you still have any questions about the product and the purchase process, feel free to email us at