VINKEL d12 cm

The set comprises 3 bowls and a wooden corner protecting the walls and the floor from stains. The set is suitable for 1 or 2 cats or small dogs and it will accentuate any interior, especially one in Scandinavian style. Bowls d12cm are made of solid ash wood and are coated with water-repellent oil for wooden kitchenware. Bowls can be washed with a damp cloth, so are quite easy to keep clean. VINKEL’s distinctive feature is the corner that will prevent treats and water from getting onto the walls. It is easy to clean and the set may be deconstructed and put back together in no time


What is special about VINKEL -

  • Saves your precious walls from nasty stains and splashes of water
  • Bowls’ never slip or slide during feeding
  • Looks stylish


Suitable for 2 pets – cats or small dogs. You can pour water in the central bowl and put the food – in the side ones

VINKEL d12 cm

  • Corner - 60x28 cm, height 27 cm

    Bowls - diameter 12 cm, height 7 cm each