TOAL by PETTEL is a litter box which brings a unique touch to the interior. Finished with American walnut  veneer and is designed for pets that value their privacy.


What makes TOAL the perfect choice for your pet -

  • Cat’s litter pan is hidden from view. It lets your cat do its business in privacy
  • It’s modern design would be the finishing touch to even the most elegant interior. There’s no need to put the litter box in the restroom. Now you can place TOAL anywhere you like cause it looks great in your home
  • The enclosed space with a litter box inside won’t let even the most active diggers spill the litter out.  What’s more, it stops unpleasant smells from spreading. The removable grid helps get rid of any extra litter stuck on the cat's paws, so you no longer need to vacuum or sweep the floor every time your cat uses the TOAL
  • Easy to clean
  • Walnut wood veneer. Premium quality
  • Suitable for 2 cats


  • 80x38 cm, height 66 cm