PURRO – is PETTEL’s new cat house with a scratching post on one side. It is a bold, functional space for your cat as well as a stylish addition to your interior.

The features that make PURRO different are - Scandinavian design, ideal height, a convenient scratching post and a soft mat. This makes PURRO a cozy and stylish place for your cat to lounge in during the day


We made sure to test PURRO for a long time and we can now confidently say that every single cat is crazy about it! It’s not just the cats that are in awe of the house’s design – be ready to be flooded with compliments on this new addition to your interior


From now on, forget about bulky constructions and scratching posts ruining the look of your interior! PURRO – is a new designer house with a scratching post that is going to exceed your expectations, and the expectations of your cat. PURRO is available in minimalistic black and stylish gray colors


  • 53x30 cm, height 92 cm