ELA – is a new stand with 3 bowls that will complete the kitchen interior of a modern cat(s) owner. ELA stand is the best choice for perfectionists - 

1. Your cat’s bowl will no longer be free-standing. ELA stand comprises 3 bowls d’10cm (vol. 0,25L) arranged in a perfectly straight row

2. It will also be a good solution for an owner picky about cleaning – the table stand is a removable acrylic (plastic) panel that will cause no trouble taking off and washing

3. You’re picky about cleanliness? Be happy to hear that the borders of the ELA won’t let your pet scatter the food or spill the water all around

4. The last but definitely not the least factor for a perfectionist is the design. ELA stand will certainly become an integral part of your interior


As a result we have no treats on the floor and no trouble washing the whole construction. Ideal for 1 or 2 pets (depending on the way of feeding). Available in wenge color


  • Feeding station - 47,5 x 15,5 cm,  height 9,5 cm

    Bowls  - diameter 10 cm, volume 0,25 L each