When it comes to choosing perfect attire, making decisions could be problematic. Should you dress you furry fashionista in candy pink dress today or, perhaps, that black studded rock-n-roll leather confection? Need to have all those fashion-forward coats in one place and all ready to go?


Having trouble picking out the perfect outfit for your pet? With CINTRE that will no longer be a problem. CINTRE is our new addition to PETTEL. It is the best to display your pets’ best clothing items. What makes CINTRE so eye-catching are its clean lines, minimalistic design and the contrast between the black frame and the wooden base. It holds 7-10 items of clothing with the maximum length of each piece being 30-32 cm. CINTRE is designed for small dog's or cat's clothing items and comes with 7 black acrylic hangers. The base is made from American walnut veneer and is furnished by hand. The finishing touch is the chromium-plated rod that perfectly matches the surrounding black frame.


CINTRE looks best when places on a bureau, dresser, cupboard or bedside table for everyone to admire. It is not only a staple for you and your pet, but also a work of art – something you will not be able to take your eyes of off, a unique eye-catching addition to your interior.


  • 23x57 cm, height 62 cm