Where can i buy PETTEL products?

PETTEL products are sold only through our resellers (see our STOCKLIST) or in this web shop

How can I make sure that the product is the right size for my pet?

A detailed description of each product is provided. That includes the dimensions and the different sizes available for each product as well as any other important measurments (diameter and volume of bowls, height adjustment, height, width, length etc ). We do not provide precise recommendations for product’s conformity to certain breeds as the owners know best which product would best suit their pet(s). Please read the detailed description of the product before purchasing

How do take proper care of the products?

Most of PETTEL products don’t require much effort to clean. General recommendations are the following:

  1. Wooden parts can be cleaned with wax-based furniture polish. Use an non-abrasive or soft cloth. Solvent-containing products are unacceptable
  2. Stainless-steel bowls need can be washed by hand with dishwashing soap or cleaned in the dishwasher
  3. Acrylic panels in bowls can be washed by hand. Do not use abrasive washing agents
Slipcovers can be washed by hand or may be put on a gentle cycle in the washing machine at 40C. Do not bleach, dry-clean or iron. Let the slipcover air-dry

What payment method can i use?

We use PayPal secure service to proceed your order

Can i buy additional stainless steel bowl or any other part for your products?

Yes, it is possible. If you need additional stainless steel bowl or acrylic panal for feeding station, please write us on hello@pettel.shop

How can i return PETTEL product, which i bought?

If you should once not be satisfied with our products, or even should have a reason for complaint, we offer a return procedure to you. Regarding a return please contact the PETTEL service team at hello@pettel.shop You can also find detailed recommendations for the return in our SHIPPING AND RETURNS

How long will it take for my package to be delivered?

When we receive the payment we will need some time to put together and pack the order. That process usually takes from 3 days to 1 week (in rare cases more than a week). Then your package is sent to the address indicated. This usually takes from 10 - 30 days depending on the country we are shipping to . You can find more details in TERMS AND CONDITIONS, subsection SHIPPING

What kind of materials you use for PETTEL products?

We love solid oak, ash or walnut wood and wooden veneer. Also we use MDF and plywood

Where are PETTEL products produced?

All PETTEL products are designed and produced in Russia. The whole process begins with observing animals and studying their behavior – how they eat, sleep. We analyze their habits – how they play and sharpen their claws. Through thorough analysis and observation our idea is born. This idea then finds its visual embodiment. We draw hundreds of sketches to find that perfect balance between design and functionality, color and shape. After we visualize the initial idea, we then create 3D models, samples, really anything that will help us understand the product better. Then we test the product out and ask a series of questions – do the animals love it? Is it comfortable? Is it functional? Do the animals seem drawn to the product in general or are they completely uninterested? This part is very important because we get to see how the animals interact with the product. In every single step, we make sure to challenge our initial idea – we want to find gaps, we want to find mistakes, we want the product to develop, evolve after every stage. We add the finishing touches, make changes if necessary and start production! One of PETTELS distinguishing features is our use of natural materials. Quality, beauty and functionality are at the heart of our brand. We prefer to use hard wood (oak, ash) because these types of wood are known for their beautiful texture and sharp lines that we make sure to showcase in every product. We also use natural oils to furnish the final products. This enhances the texture of the wood and gives it that sheen. Thus, our products are extremely durable and will let you and your pet enjoy the product for longer. We work with professionals – people who are truly invested in their job - carpenters, wood turners, people who specialize in furnishing wood and accentuating its texture. Their outstanding technique and mastery insure that our products are of exceptional quality

Is there a way to train my pet to use their new bowl, house or daybed?

Every single pet is different. We think that it is best to pick out products not only based on design but also taking into account your pets habits/ personality. For example if your pet prefers to spend the day cuddled up in a corner or underneath the sofa , you can be pretty confident that your pet will enjoy one of our houses or anything that allows your pet to spend its day hidden from view. If, on the other hand, you mostly find your pet sprawled on the sofa, then it would probably be quite difficult to train your pet to a small daybed or pillow. But keep in mind that whether or not your pet likes the product is very much up to you. If you treat your pet to its favorite snack when you find them using their new house, bowl or daybed then you will find that your pet will get used to it in no time